Enadhuyir Enge Lyrics

Enadhuyir Enge Lyrics


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Yuvan Shankar Raja is an Indian singer-songwriter, film score, and soundtrack composer, singer and occasional lyricist from Chennai, Tamil Nadu. He has predominantly scored music for Tamil films. Read More @wiki

Enadhuyir Enge Lyrics

Vizhi Neengi Pogudhae Kaatchi
Kuzhal Neengi Pogudhae Swaasam
Udal Neengi Pogudhae Nenjam
Verum Yaakai Aanadhae

En Vaazhkai Ingae
Vaazhkai Ingae

Enadhuyir Engae
Enadhuyir Engae
Vizhi Vazhi Neeraai

Enadhuyir Engae
Enadhuyir Engae
Kanavena Naanum

Tholaivil Tholaindhaayo
Enakaai Azhudhaayo
Unn Kanneer Thadangal
Mile Karkal Aagudhae

Edhirae Udhipaayo
Unai Kadandhae Nadandheno
En Thedalgal Yaavumae

Nee Yen Neenginaai
Yen Neenginaai

Oru Maayampola Nee Nindraai
Andha Kaadhal Neendadhu Endraai

Oru Maayampola Nee Sendraai
Verum Kaayamaagiyae
Kaaigindren Ingae.. Ingae

Enadhuyir Engae
Enadhuyir Engae

Oru Vazhi Kaatu
Enadhuyir Engae.


Madhan Karky Vairamuthu is an Indian lyricist, research associate, software engineer, and film dialogue writer. Madhan Karky is the eldest son of notable poet, lyricist Vairamuthu and Ponmani.. He was also an assistant professor of computer science at the College of Engineering, Guindy. Later he resigned from his teaching profession in Jan 2013 and became a full time lyricist, dialogue writer and part time researcher in Karky Research Foundation.

Madhan Karky is soon recognized as predominant lyricist from the very first as the debut movie lyrics for Enthiran hit. He's known for using technical terminology mixed lyrics that makes him unique and more likeable in the youngsters and tech nerds. Read more @wiki

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