Folk Song

Tamil Folk Songs are songs that covers each and every part of contemporary human life including psychology, philosophy, anatomy, socio-economic condition, love, day to day living etc,. Tamil folk songs are magic, which is what makes you to find deep insight into life by the lyrics, music, dance, voice and every small detail involved in the song. Tamil folk songs are basically categorized by the songs which falls under the impression of Naatupura Paatu and/or Kolattam.

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Movie Name: Paruthiveeran
Year: 2007
Lyricist(s): Snehan
Onna Jaal
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Movie Name: Merlin
Year: 2018
Singer(s): Guru Ayyadurai
Lyricist(s): Keera
Othasada Rosa
104 visits
Movie Name: Marudhu
Year: 2016
Singer(s): Saisharan, A.V.Pooja
Lyricist(s): Yugabharathi
Tags: Folk Song
Movie Name: Mapla Singam
Year: 2015
Singer(s): Kalpana
Lyricist(s): Yugabharathi
Movie Name: Komban
Year: 2015
Singer(s): Velmurugan, Malavika
Lyricist(s): Thanikodi
Kambikara Vetti
101 visits
Movie Name: Komban
Year: 2015
Lyricist(s): Thanikodi
Movie Name: Aaraam Vetrumai
Year: 2014
Singer(s): Malavika
Lyricist(s): Author Unknown