Daiyare Daiyare Lyrics

Daiyare Daiyare Lyrics
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D. Imman is an Indian film composer and singer of film music, predominantly working in the Tamil film industry. Vocals, Guitar, Percussion, Drums, Harpejji, Continuum Fingerboard, Keyboard, Piano, Accordion, Goblet, Drum, Concert Harp are the few instruments he got familiar with. Read More

Daiyare Daiyare Lyrics

Daiyare Daiyare Daiyam Daiyam Daiyare
Daiya Daiya Daiya Daiya Daiya Daiya Daiyare
Hey Jacksonnu Tamilla Paadamaatiya
Daiyare Daiyare Tiger Pola Vaazhthaare
Pathu Viralil Kathi Suththum
Sutha Veeran Ponaaru
Daiyare Daiyare Thangakaasum Thanthaare
Thanga Kaasu Thantha Manushan
Nethi Kaasa Ponaare

Daiyare Daiyare Daiyaru Daiyaru Daiyare
Daiya Daiya Daiya Daiya aiyaru Daiyaru Daiyare
Daiyare Daiyare Raasa Pola Vaazhthaare
Ezha Paazha Ellam Vaazha
Vaazha Pola Vanthaaru
Daiyare Daiyare Thaane Thannai Thanthaare
Kanni Pennin Maanam Kaaka Katti Vetti Thanthaare

Daiyare Daiyare Naalum Nallathu Senjaare
Vellathoda Pona Poonaiya
Vetula Kondu Serthaare
Daiyare Daiyare Alli Alli Thanthaare
Aayiram Acre Boomiya Vittu Aaradi Thedi Ponaare

Daiyare Daiyare Daiyam Daiyam Daiyare
Daiya Daiya Daiya Daiya Daiya Daiya Daiyare

Daiyare Daiyare Anbin Vadiva Vanthaare
Aathi Sheshan Kotha Vantha
Aavin Pala Vechare

Daiyare Daiyare Aiyo Vendam Kannere
Aiya Setha Aatam Paatam Vettu Poda Sonnaaru


Vairamuthu is a Tamil poet and lyricist.

Vairamuthu began his lyricist career through the Rajinikanth film 'Kaali' (1980). Debuting in the film Nizhalgal (1980) with the lyrics for the song "Idhu oru Ponmalai Pozhudhu". His partnership with Academy Award winning composer A. R. Rahman has resulted in critical praise, awards, and box office hits.

He was awarded the National Film Award six times for Best Lyricist, the most won by any Indian lyricist. He is a recipient of Kalaimamani, while also winning awards from the Government of Tamil Nadu for his contribution to Tamil literature.

Vairamuthu received Padmashri in 2003 and Padmabhushan in 2014. Read more @wiki

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