Mozhi illamalae Lyrics

Mozhi illamalae Lyrics


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Sabesh-Murali is an Indian musical duo, consisting of two Tamil music directors and playback singers who have jointly composed for many Tamil films in Chennai, India. Sabesh and Murali are siblings who began their careers working under their brother, the music director Deva, as assistant composers. Read More @wiki

Mozhi illamalae Lyrics

Mozhi Illaamalae
Edhai Solvaan Ini
Vizhi Illaamalae
Edhai Kaanbaan Ini

Vaasamae Ponapin
Pookalae Poopadhu Yen
Swaasamae Oyndhapin
Moochilae Kaatru Yen

Oru Kannadipol..
Naan Udaindhaal Enna

Vazhi Illaamalae
Engu Selvaan Ini
Uyir Illaamalae
Enna Seivaan Ini

Odaiyae Kaaindhapin
Meengalae Neechal Yen
Vaanamae Veezhndhapin
Koorayae Vaazhvadhaen

Ada Bhoologamae..
Ini Azhindhaal Enna.


Yugabharathi is a Tamil poet and lyricist. His birth name was "Prem Kumar" and he was known as "Kumar" by his family and friends. During the early 90's when he began writing poems for magazines he started using the pen name "Yugabharathi" in honour of the great Tamil poet Subramanya Bharathi.

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